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Reconnective frequency healing is a set of universal informative spectrum of frequencies that was introduced to this world by Dr.Eric Pearl. Its a rare gift that unfolds its presence slowly in to the person receiving it.Reconnective Healing was discovered and developed by Dr. Eric Pearl, Los Angeles. Eric elicits great interest from top doctors and medical researchers at hospitals and universities worldwide.

Please note: These are the personal insights that i gained from the reconnetive healing workshop.

Who can take these sessions? Everybody can take them. Reconnective frequency activation brings positive transformation in various levels that range from physical, mental, emotional to the astral. These sessions are not targeted as a therapy/treatment or a sure fire cure for any particular disease.

What is achieved by taking these sessions? Through reconnective frequencies, you attain a definite change from your current level of consciousness through a change in your life path. A change in your life path may come in any form such as cure of arthritic pain, new job promotion,finalizing a major business/personal decision that alters your life forever. Every life path has its unique power and responsibility. Gifting you with reconnective frequency is what is done here and you will integrate these frequencies among the various incarnational aspects of your past, present and future selves.

Do you attain a spiritual jump in consciousness by the virtue of the fact you have the money to pay for these healing sessions/seminars conducted by Mr.Pearl? Why are some of the teaching assistants ordained ministers in church, clutching around colorful crosses/pendants in their neck if its about Non religion? You are the sum of your experiences. Life Experiences are contradictory in nature to attain a meaningful void. Only you can change you. Reminding who you are through reconnective frequency is what is mediated during these sessions. The frequencies introduces you to an aspect of you that heals you. And you are paying fair exchange value for the process of mediation initiated by the practitioner. And about religion, its up to you to create a unified spiritual concept instead of pointing fingers at others and feeling superior about it.

But it is the soul body that is crucial, can't you see the crux of the spiritual issue? We exist in bodies residing in various densities/dimensions; Its up to you to decide which body is crucial to you. what is considered as "soul" body/ "higher" density body by one person may be regarded as the "physical"/"lower" density body by another person. But regardless of this issue you choose to hold yourself to that body which solves your life purpose.

I strongly believe that certain species are superior to the rest of all that is, what do you think? All species gain valid experiences; A soul may choose incarnation in a particular species (say human/humanoid species residing in various density/dimension until completion) and then change path in to another species to gain experience depending on its choice. That does not make the entire species exalted/non exalted. The credit goes to the sum of experience each soul has attained choosing life path in different species of its own choice.

I only believe in alien council members like sirians, andromedans and angels to protect me, Do you offer connection services to them ? Your protection and help can come in any form and not necessarily in the form you expect them to appear. All forms of existence carry elements that help you grow and complete your journey. They can be in form of crystals, animals or just about in any format where you will heal yourself completely. Limiting yourself with fixed expectations will only limit your own healing journey.

But Iam a light sider master, because i took lightarian courses...I am a level five degree holder... I am only used to light frequecies like love, joy, happiness, spa visits... i hate the use of the words such as "Shadow", "unconsious self", "hate", "suffering"...; I cannot tolerate the light of the shadow like hating laziness, controlling their own needs for the service of others etc... Can't you see where i stand? Just because the path is ascended does not automaticly make the person an ascended one.Its applaudable to take up the path of ascension, but one sure need to have passed the path of the respective shadow aspect to retain the light aspect flowing in you. If one feels upset by words like shadows, abuse, etc then it sure means there is something to hide.

Can i heal animals (because animals are humans in fur coats (or) is it animals in human fur coats... It works either ways doesn't it?) and other odd species(not to mention planets, countries, grid lines etc)in this universe by radiating frequencies ?
We are all same to the extent of our common experiences.The life path and value systems of each species vary. Hence each species has it own unique radiation, that widely differs from the other. This can be understood only by incarnating as that species and not through faux research in botany labs, unguided random genetic tamperings (without the higher self consent of the species involved)and so on. To be honest, even within the same species, the life path and value system varies depending upon the experiences they have gained.
The sampling of a species does not represent its whole unless it has completed its final journey. Though it does not make them any superior/inferior, since all souls gain valid experience as a different species at any point of time.

So you expect us to attain our fullness in an instant? what makes you think the subset of my experience is inferior to the superset of my experience? The Superset is attained only through the subset of your experiences. Neither is superior or inferior but just are; Every Superset is the subset of a much vaster SuperSet. What you consider as a finite subset at one point of time may unfold extra dimensions of understanding to it and evolve in to a superset at another point of time; In the session the practitioner transmits the reconnetive frequency which will integrate with your various selves of past , present and future. We are not presenting you the superset of your experience.

You can gain knowledge of the concept of "simultaneous incarnation" through this multi dimensional frequency where you learn to tap in to "timeless states". For more details :Read the book "HEAL OTHERS, HEAL YOURSELF" or attend one of Dr.Pearl's Seminars to gain your personal insights;

Sunita (http://www.soundclick.com/pvsunita)