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Naturopathy is an effective form of alternative medicine where we learn to use the vital forces of nature to cure ourselves. The vital forces mentioned is the all-pervasive energy, which guides our body metabolism towards good health. ELEMENTAL HEALING is a new E-BOOK education material that deals with self guide to healing disorders using my research therapy work.

The therapy work lays focus on using natural forces to bring back health and harmony to community be it home, office, school or society at large.

The research work lays hands on the following topics

  • water therapy which involves creating structured water for health
  • sun therapy creating solar sauna with hawan procedures
  • air therapy using flute and pranayam techniques
  • use of earth therapy with herbs for treating disorders
  • use of ether that offers distance healing.
  • If you would like to include these solutions as a part of your work program solutions, you can connect with me using this mail id through the appropriate key personnel from your organization. We also offer consultancy training one to one to help you apply the solutions.