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Have you ever felt like playing music, but thought it was too late to go through formal music coaching or Are you one of those music aspirants who wished there was a new innovative way to learn music? I believe that it is your sincere passion to learn music that brought you here. I present my path of knowledge in this website. And i assure you that you are not wasting your time.

I have created a new method for playing keyboard which can help you learn music in a matter of hours. NO KIDDING! this works.

All you need to know is to recognize colors and numbers and you are set to play music with in a matter of few sessions. The courses are highly customized according to the needs of each student. The study notes are colorful and visual.

I have created coaching manuals that can help you walk the smooth path to sucess. The basic primer kits comes along with a written manual and audio/video song files. You can send in enquiries to purchase this e-book